My Process

In the lab, operating room, out in the field, from references or photographs. (Pencil or pen)

Drawn on scene

Starting to make sense of the subject matter.

(Pencil or Photoshop)

First ideas

Changes are made for accuracy and comprehension.

(Pencil, colored pencils, pen, Photoshop, or Illustrator)

Fine Tuning

In this case, the next step was using Photoshop to prepare the image for inking.

Prepare for rendering

I completed this image with a nib pen and India ink. (Pen and ink, Photoshop).


A sample of several technical illustration processes from first observation to final product.

First sketch of an Equid Occidentalis specimen from the Royal Ontario Museum.


Drawn on scene

Producing an accurate portrayal.

(Carbon Dust)

Creating an image

Fine-tuning an image.


Digital editing

Researching/writing content and starting to put illustrations together to achieve a broader picture.


Sizing and arranging

Second iteration of

layout design. 


Final layout & typography 

Surgical illustration
Biological illustration