Macrophages: Heterogeneity, Health, & Disease   

University of Toronto and the Innate Immunity Research Network

2016-2017, Maya, After Effects, Audition, Mudbox


Literature review

Media audit



Treatment writing

Script writing


Scratch narration

2D Animatic

My 3D Kupffer Cell render created in Autodesk Maya and used in “Macrophages: Heterogeneity, Health, & Disease”

Scanning electron microscopy of a Kupffer Cell (macrophage residing in liver tissue) from the Kupffer Cell Foundation

Photography v.s. Maya

Project Purpose

To increase awareness, understanding, and interest in research relating to macrophage heterogeneity

Target audiences

General public, investors in research, and scientific communities

Animated Data: Nutrition


3D Modelling

2D Assets

Animating - 2D & 3D

Character rigging 

Mixamo sequencing


Narration recording & editing


Video editing


2D Effects

Color adjustment

Sound design & editing

Revisions based on Committee feedback

Many thanks to my advisors, Nicholas Woolridge, Jodie Jenkinson, and macrophage expert, Clint Robbins. Thanks also to unofficial advisors: narrator and expert storyteller, Shelley Wall, and to my mentor of 3D animation, Marc Dryer. Special thanks as well to my support team, my family and Cat.

Animated Data: Improving Lifespans